Selling residential and multi family real estate is a process with great implications. Here in Silicon Valley we have seen our median home prices rise another 18% in just the last year alone. This is truly one of the most robust real estate markets in the entire world. In today’s market we are seeing many buyers coming from the high tech industry. Companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook to name a few. These buyers are primarily using their company stock as a down payment and financing the rest based on their debt to income ratios. These workers are typically looking for homes in good neighborhoods with high ranking schools and an easy commute to work.

It is important that as the selling party we can empathize with our buying pool. Understanding what is important to them and maximizing those features while minimizing our disadvantages can make all the difference. The small things are the big things.

We utilize a full marketing campaigns geared toward the likely buyers for your property.

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